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ISO holds its General Assembly

ISO holds its General Assembly


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently held its General Assembly, held this time in an online format. Some 700 participants from standardization organizations in 141 countries took part in the virtual event, including the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, a Spanish member of the ISO.

The challenges faced by ISO member standardisation bodies during the COVID-19 pandemic and business continuity were the two key issues highlighted during the event.

Members were also urged to vote on the proposal for the ISO 2021-2030 Strategy. The President of ISO, Eddy Njoroge, stated that the Strategy, focused on offering solutions (standards) in the areas of economy, technology, society and the environment, will make sure that ISO remains relevant now and in the years ahead. 

ISO Secretary-General, Sergio Mujica, took the opportunity to highlight that ISO has demonstrated incredible resilience and ability to fulfil its task in very difficult circumstances. It has become evident that organisations need standards more than ever to meet all kinds of challenges.

The hard work and achievements of the technical community and the entire network of experts were also recognised with the winner of the Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award, which this year went to the ISO/TC 45 technical committee on rubber and rubber products.