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Low voltage electrical installations

Low voltage electrical installations


UNE has just published the new edition of the UNE 192007-2-12:2018Procedure for Regulatory Inspection Standard. Low Voltage Electrical Installations. Part 2-12: Standard installations in residences built according to the CTN 192/SC 07, Regulatory Inspection. Instalaciones eléctricas para baja tensión, cuya Secretaría desempeña AFME (Asociación de Fabricantes de Material Eléctrico).​

The objective of this second part is to provide a specific inspection procedure applicable to standard low voltage electrical installations in residential buildings with a total installed power consumption of more than 100 kW, taking into account the application of the requirements included in the ITC-BT-12 to 17 Complementary Technical Instructions, among others, of the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations, understanding as standard facilities of residential buildings connection installations, common building services installations and other installations of the building whose scope is defined, where applicable, in the particular legislation of the Autonomous Communities.

The main reason for initiating the review of the UNE 192007-2-12:2015 was to correct the requirements for the inspection of emergency lighting and rating the defects detected in their inspection, based on the experience acquired since the publication of the first edition of the standard.