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Presentation of the UNE standard for the Regulatory Inspection of pressure equipment in LNG terminals


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has presented its Standard for the Regulatory Inspection of Pressure Equipment (PE) in LNG Terminals to establish the system of actions that inspectors must perform in routine inspections, repairs and modifications of equipment, assemblies, systems and installations included in ITC-EP-7. The standard was presented at an event held in the Magna Hall of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Spain has the most liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals in Europe, which allows it to have one of the most diversified and secure natural gas supplies. Specifically, an LNG terminal receives, stores and regasifies natural gas for subsequent distribution. In this regard, in recent years work has been done to further strengthen terminal security, sustainability and efficiency.

"This UNE standard is the result of more than two years of work by Spanish experts in the public and private sector under the principles of transparency, consensus and inclusivity that support standardisation processes. This will enable it to serve as an effective tool for regulatory inspections (and the development and growth of the sector)," said the Director-General of UNE Javier García during the meeting.

The event was opened by Zigor Urkiza, Director of Strategic Projects and Industrial Administration for the Basque Government, and welcomed Javier García as the Director-General of UNE. It was also divided into two sections where the role of different agents was explained and the specifications of the document were explained in detail.

The first block brought together the experts José Luis Álvarez de Samaniego, Deputy Director-General of Industrial Quality and Safety at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR); Antton Arrieta, Head of the Basque Government's Industrial Safety Division; Alberto Bernárdez, Chair of FEDAOC; and Isabel Linares, UNE's Head of Industry and Facilities.

The standard was presented by Eugenio Fernández Piñeiro from the Galician Government, who is also Chair of the UNE Committee for Regulatory Inspection of Pressure Equipment (CTN 192/S C11) and Carlos Pérez, an expert in the natural gas sector. Important issues for the sector were also discussed at a round table with the participation of Benjamín García, the Maintenance Manager of the Enagás Huelva plant; Armando Lizeaga, BBG Maintenance Engineer; Francisco Barata, Head of Maintenance at REGANOSA; and Mayte Bolumar, Head of Maintenance at SAGGAS.