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Standardisation Report

SMEs and standardisation


Within the framework established by the Small Business Act and under the motto 'Think Small First', the European Regulation for Standardisation (EU) 1025/2012 promotes the participation of SMEs in the standardisation process and facilitates access to its results.

Standardisation enables SMEs to increase their competitiveness and reach new markets. At UNE, SMEs can easily participate in the creation of standards by taking part in the standardisation process, either at national or European level or internationally. Similarly, UNE offers solutions designed to facilitate access standards and their application.

In the latest version of the report 'SME access to standardisation and participation therein', UNE aims to improve the representation and participation of SMEs in these standardisation activities on a national, European and international scale. It also aims to facilitate the access of SMEs to standards and raise awareness regarding their importance.