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José Ángel Robles and UNE's CEO, Javier García.

UNE and CEM renew their agreement to promote quality infrastructure in Spain


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, and the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM) have renewed the agreement to collaborate to promote quality infrastructure in Spain in the areas of metrology and standardisation, as well as to collaborate in other areas such as training, dissemination and international cooperation.

CEM and UNE, together with ENAC (the National Accreditation Body) are strategic partners that constitute the three main pillars of quality infrastructure in Spain. The joint work of these organisations benefits the competitiveness and efficiency of our business sectors enormously, as well as our socio-economic fabric in general.

Under the agreement, the CEM will participate actively in the UNE Technical Standardization Committee CTN 82 on metrology and calibration, taking over the chair and carrying out the duties of the secretariat. The UNE will also provide the CEM with the necessary support for the optimum performance of its functions.

In addition, the two bodies will cooperate on training and the promotion and dissemination of standardization at conferences and events, as well as in international cooperation projects.

The agreement has been endorsed by the Director of CEM, José Ángel Robles and UNE's CEO, Javier García.

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