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UNE presents the first international ISO standard on gender equality


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has presented the future international ISO standard on gender equality, which will become the first global standard in this field.

This pioneering initiative was presented at today's online UNE Meeting New ISO standard on gender equality.

The objective of this future standard, to be drafted throughout 2022 and 2023, is to develop a standard that combines a set of guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality in companies and all types of organisations.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Public Administration and the business community. The speakers included Begoña Suárez, Deputy Director General for Entrepreneurship, Equality in the Workplace and Collective Bargaining of the Ministry of Equality. Other participants were Val Díez, Chair of the Committee on Equality and Diversity of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and Olimpia del Aguila, Head of the Social Security division in the Department of Employment, Diversity and Social Protection of the CEOE.

The event was also attended by the Director of UNE, Javier García; Paloma García, Director of Standardization and Stakeholders of UNE and Elena Ordozgoiti, Business Manager at UNE.

Spanish participation

Specialists from Spanish organisations can participate in and contribute to the development of this standard. UNE, the Spanish member of the ISO, carries the voice of Spanish industry experts to international and European standardisation forums, where key standards are developed to respond to the leading challenges facing organisations and Spanish society.

UNE is a successful public-private partnership model aimed at contributing to building a better world through the development of standards based on dialogue and consensus.