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Smart Connected Digital Hotel

Smart Connected Digital Hotel


​​UNE has set up a new working body to prepare a standard within CTN 178 "Smart cities" promoting the transformation of hotels into smart connected digital hotels (HDIC). 

Promoted by SEGITTUR and coordinated by ITH, the future UNE 178504 standard, based on UNE 178108 on smart buildings, will establish, inter alia, the requirements of the IoT&T node (Internet of things and Tourism) to connect the hotel or accommodation with the Smart Tourism Destination platform and create a two-way communication of key information for the destination but, above all, for the hotel and hotel guest.

The smart features and touristic innovation that already places Spain as world leader in smart tourist destinations will be bolstered by this standard, which will enable tourists to gain a better experience through data analysis.

The inaugural meeting of the working group CTN 178/SC5/GT8 Smart Hotels (HDIC) was attended by key organisations in the tourism and technology industries, such as ICTE, Paradores, Agencia Valenciana del Turismo, AMETIC, CONETIC, COIT, AIDIMME, Globaldit, Televés, Inteligencia Turística, etc. Entities interested in taking part in developing this standard can contact UNE at