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RSCIEI Technical Guide

RSCIEI Technical Guide


​​The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has recently published a new version of the Technical Guide that implements the Fire Safety Regulation in Industrial Establishments (RSCIEI; Royal Decree 2267/2004).

Noteworthy changes in the Guide include the links to the new legislation in force, such as Royal Decree 513/2017 or the amendment of Appendix A, reminding that Directive 89/106/EEC has been replaced by the EU Regulation 305/2011 on Construction Products; It also specifies particular aspects relating to independent fire sectors, types of industrial warehouses, type D and E establishments, skylights or maximum distances for escape routes. 

In addition, in this new version of the Guide, new references are presented that support regulatory compliance, highlighting the inclusion of the standards on fire safety UNE-ISO 23932:2017 (currently under review to adopt standard ISO 23932:2018) and UNE-ISO 16733-1:2017 which provide guidelines for addressing performance design, and standard UNE-ISO 16730-1:2017, in accordance with which the computer programs simulating and validating these types of solutions must be designed and which, exceptionally and to guarantee equivalent security requirements, use design tools as an alternative to the prescriptive approach.

Also the use of standard UNE 192005:2014 for the supervisory bodies to conduct inspections as established by Royal Decree 2267/2004.

These references are available in the UNE catalogue within the area of work of the CTN 23 on Fire prevention, and CTN 192/SC 5 on Regulatory inspection of fire prevention installations, the Secretariat of which is TECNIFUEGO as a member of UNE.