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The G20 summit highlights the role of standardisation in digital transformation


The 'G20 Rome Leaders' Declaration' has been published after the 12th G20 Summit held in Rome.

The G20 is the most prominent international forum that addresses major global challenges, and strengthens international cooperation. The agenda addressed the topics of climate change, global health, international tax reform and inequality and poverty.

The Declaration includes the conclusions of the main topics addressed. In point 46, the meeting countries recognised the key role of technology and innovation in sustainable development and economic recovery. In this regard, in order to develop policies aimed at creating more open and fair digital economies, the G20 highlighted the indispensable use of International standards, based on consensus and with the aim of protecting consumers, to continue with the digital transformation of production and its processes, services and business models.

It also highlighted the need to apply new technologies with a view to increasing security in the digital environment, combating cybercrime and analysing the vulnerabilities and threats posed by computer systems. The development of these innovations requires common standards to improve business competitiveness and to guide companies towards achieving their objectives.

The G20 summit also discussed the evolution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations and the role of standardisation in meeting these goals.