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Future standards on quality and people management

Future standards on quality and people management


The Spanish ​Association for Standarization, UNE, has developed two future standards that combine quality with people management. In addition, there is a draft standard on ethical declarations.

The draft standard PNE-ISO 10015 Quality management - Guidelines for the management of competence and the development of people will help organisations to manage the skills and development of people, both in terms of the ISO 9000 family of quality management systems, and any other management system standard.

Whereas, the PNE-ISO 10018 Quality management systems - Guidelines for the commitment of people will provide guidance on the commitment that people have towards the organisation and its goals, in a quality management system.

And in the field of conformity assessment, the project PNE-ISO/TS 17033 Declaraciones éticas e información de apoyo. Principios y requisitos aims to facilitate the communication of accurate, credible and verifiable information on the ethical aspects of a product, process, service or organisation. It is relevant for the creation of new declarations, the improvement of existing declarations, and to help users understand the declarations already present in the market.

UNE facilitates participation in the development of standards, through comments on standard projects on its website