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Labelling for fuels and vehicles


​El próximo 12 de octubre entrará en vigor la nueva normativa europea sobre etiquetado para carburantes y vehículos, exigida por la Directiva 2014/94/UE, que tiene como objetivo mejorar la información a los consumidores debido a la gran variedad de combustibles existentes.

The standard EN 16942 is originally an order from the European Commission to the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). The CEN/TC 441 Committee was set up in Europe to this end. The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, as a Spanish CEN member coordinated Spanish participation in the drafting of this standard and its inclusion as Standard UNE-EN 16942. This work was carried out by the UNE's Technical Committee for Standardization (CTN) 316 with the participation of the main interested parties, and in particular AOP, APPA, ANFAC and AEH2, all members of UNE.

As of October 12, the labels required by the standard must appear:

  • Close to the fuel filler or fuel tank cap on new vehicles.
  • In new vehicle user manuals or also displayed in the vehicle's multimedia centre's e-manuals.
  • On all public petrol station fuel pumps and nozzles.
  • At car dealers.

The labels will be displayed on the following new vehicles:

  • Mopeds, motorbikes, three and four-wheel motorcycles.
  • TCars.
  • Light commercial vehicles.
  • Heavy commercial vehicles.
  • Buses and coaches.

When customers arrive at a petrol station and open their vehicle's fuel filler cap, a common fuel identifier showing which fuel is compatible with their vehicle will be displayed on the vehicle as well as the fuel pump and nozzle.