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Standards for ageing

ISO standards for ageing


The briefing session, now open for enrolments, will discuss significant public policies and developments regarding the ageing society, as well as standards in this field, and the perspective of senior citizens will be analysed.

This will include standardisation projects in the field of ageing societies, developed by the ISO/TC 314 Committee in the headquarters of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to promote Spanish standards. UNE, the Spanish standardisation body, represents Spanish organisations in international forums, where key standards for the welfare of society are discussed.

During the session of 19 September at the headquarters of the Imerso, attendees will have the opportunity to exchange opinions on how these initiatives will cater to the needs of senior citizens and also promote Spanish organisations in this sector.

They can help with the development of the Spanish model and contribute from this strategic position, to the creation of standards on ageing.

Reservation required. Limited spaces available. 

Briefing session

  • Place:
    Assembly hall at the Institute for Senior Citizens and Social Services (Imserso) Avda. de la Ilustración, s/n, c/v a c/ Ginzo de Limia, 58 28029 Madrid
  • Day:
    19 September 2019
  •  Opening hours:
    from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm