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ENAC and UNE offer a course on the use of standards and accreditation in public procurement


The Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) (National Accreditation Body) and the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, are jointly organizing the online training course Quality infrastructure as a tool for public procurement, which will be held online from 5 to 7 April.

The course is intended for Public procurement professionals who draw up tenders, and will facilitate the acquisition of competency 13 "Technical Specifications", in the new European Competency Framework for Public Procurement Professionals.

Public procurement legislation promotes the use of technical standards, labels and accreditation to define technical specifications in tenders, as well as the use of quality, sustainability and accessibility criteria.

 Objectives of the course

  • Acquire basic knowledge of quality infrastructure and understand the reasons for its use in public procurement.
  • Manage standard and accreditation search engines with ease.
  • Correctly reference standards and verify them in the technical specifications of tenders, avoiding common errors.
  • Validate the documentation presented in the competitions, checking their veracity and suitability.

 Registration is now open. Places are limited and certificates will be issued to participants who complete the course successfully.

ENAC and UNE, together with the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM), form the three basic pillars of Quality Infrastructure in Spain. The collaboration of these organisations benefits the competitiveness and efficiency of Spain's business sectors as well as its socio-economic fabric.

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