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The Global Compact recognises UNE's work in the fight against COVID-19


The Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact has included the initiative of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, is to provide free access to its standards for the manufacture of essential healthcare equipment and PPE within its campaign "COVID-19 Initiatives".

This recognises the #IniciativasconPrincipios (Initiatives with Principles) and the efforts of organisations to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, support workers and facilitate the continuity of organisations for a rapid recovery of the economy.

The standards are documents that describe the essential processes for manufacturing surgical masks, gowns and sheets, as well as gloves or other protective clothing.

Moreover, the Spanish standardization organization (UNE) has made available all the Specifications UNE 0064 and 0065 for hygienic masks, developed in record time alongside Administrations, sector organisations and companies. These documents will allow the manufacture of masks at the necessary scale with instructions for use and re-use for citizens, as a measure of protection against the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to social distancing measures. UNE has made these documents available free of charge to all of society.

With these specifications, UNE supports the hundreds of companies that are making an extraordinary effort in the production of protective masks for the fight against coronavirus; some companies already manufacture these products, but for many, it is a new initiative.

Through these actions, all interested parties have been able to download 55,653 documents, the market value of which, alongside other solutions, would be around €5.3 million. This is an exceptional measure to support the fight against coronavirus; given that the income from the sale of standards is fundamental to the sustainability of the current Spanish model of the development of standardisation.

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Standards and SDGs

These actions promote SDG 3 on Health and Well-being; SDG 9 on Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 17 on strengthening global partnerships for sustainable development.

UNE has been a signatory to the Global Compact since 2014 and since the publication of the SDGs all of its strategy and objectives have been based on these goals. Standards help organisations achieve the SDGs, as they provide the best practices, collaboration and consensus that this global challenge requires. Further information here.