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UNE's Market Surveillance Observatory publishes its first annual report


The Market Surveillance Observatory of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, has published its first report, in which it analyses the market situation in relation to regulatory and legislative compliance in order to avoid the marketing of unsafe products and services that damage the economy and consumers and create unfair competition for compliant companies. The Market Surveillance Report has been developed in collaboration with more than 30 business organizations and the Ministries of Consumer Affairs, Industry, Trade and Tourism and Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

The most frequent type of infringement in the manufacture and marketing of products involves breaches of technical standards and conditions of sale, accounting for 53.9% of all infringements, followed by commercial transactions (7.6%), prices (7.3%), and weight fraud (0.01%). Other violations take up the remaining percentage. The data collected in the first report of the UNE Observatory corresponds to the year 2020, the most recent available, and have been provided by the consumption surveillance authorities of the Autonomous Communities. to the Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs.

In terms of products, most infringements occur in toys (10.9% of those surveyed showed some nonconformity), followed by personal safety equipment (8%), small electrical equipment (7.2%), furniture (5.8%), textiles (4%) and footwear (3.7%).

"The aim is to improve the functioning of the internal market through surveillance, to ensure that products sold comply with legislation and meet technical standards and thus contribute to increased consumer and market confidence, economic growth, business development and job creation," says Javier García, director general of UNE. 

Situation in the Spanish market

The report covers all sectors of the economy, which are grouped into three main areas: products for children (toys, school supplies, accessories, leisure and sport), industrial products for domestic consumption (textiles, detergents, paints, cosmetics and furniture), and industrial products for professional use (electrical equipment, lighting, electrotechnical and building materials).

The Market Surveillance Observatory seeks to strengthen public-private collaboration between public administrations and companies in the framework of the new European Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on Market Surveillance and Product Conformity, and to reflect the importance of compliance with standardisation, providing credibility in the market, boosting industrial activity and providing a guarantee to consumers. This platform is aimed at public administrations, distributors (including online platforms) and consumers, and brings together under its umbrella the interests of all parties in order to enable dialogue, debate and agreement. 

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