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INSST celebrates its 50th anniversary


The Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (INNSST) commemorates the 50th anniversary of its creation this year.

Part of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, it is the Government's specialized scientific-technical body whose mission is to analyze and study, promote and support the improvement of occupational health and safety. To do this, it establishes necessary partnerships with both regional bodies responsible for this area and other relevant stakeholders.

INSST is a member of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, desde su creación en 1986 y lidera la elaboración de normas técnicas clave para la seguridad y salud laboral en España. This is how the Secretariat of the CTN 81 Occupational Health and Safety and participate in many others.

INSST and UNE have a collaboration agreement in the areas of standardization, training, dissemination and international cooperation, as well as other areas related to occupational risk prevention.