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World Tourism Day


​The Technical Committee for Standardization ISO/TC 228 is responsible for drafting global quality standards for tourism and its related services within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Now, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, the ISO has produced a video on this committee that you can see here.

Experts from nearly 100 countries worldwide and more than 20 international organisations of renowned prestige in tourism participate in the ISO/TC 228 Committee, of which the UNE holds the secretariat, with a significant presence of Spanish companies; notably the ICTE (Institute for Tourism Quality in Spain). It has already published 25 standards and is working on a dozen projects including diving, health tourism, adventure tourism, marinas, boat hire, hotels, sustainable tourism and accessible tourism. More information here.

The UNE recently published the UNE 302002:2018 standard on the Requirements for the Provision of Tours in Museums. It describes the requirements that should be fulfilled in the provision of the visit and complementary activities services to guarantee a quality service