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International Museum Day

International Museum Day


International Museum Day is celebrated on 18 May each year to raise awareness of the important role these spaces play in cultural exchange, cultural enrichment, and the development of collaboration and peace between peoples.

The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, contributes to making the encounter between visitors and the museum the best possible experience by developing quality standards. For this reason, UNE 302002 Museos. Requisitos para la prestación del servicio de visitas, published in 2018, is aimed at promoting a high quality alliance between culture and tourism in Spain.

It is a pioneering standard and far-reaching standard that is certified by the Tourist Quality Q Mark. This document sets out the requirements that recognised museums and related institutions must meet in their services to visitors and complementary activities to guarantee, facilitate, and enrich the visitor experience. Related institutions recognised in the sectoral legislation include collections, museum collections, museum exhibits, and interpretation centres.

This standard was drawn up thanks to an initiative of the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), in a working group chaired by the Subdirectorate General of State Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, with the support of UNE. This working group, named CTN 302/GT 2 Museums and Museum collections, involved more than 40 institutions, including related professional associations, other entities involved in the issue, local authorities and social organisations.

The standard was presented in November 2018 at the Sorolla Museum (Madrid).