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World Health Day

World Health Day


​World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April to commemorate the anniversary of the Worth Health Organisation and to raise awareness in society in order to promote action that will lead to better access to healthcare throughout the world.

UNE, in its desire to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), offers various standards adapted to each objective. The 3rd objective, “Good Health and Well-being”, is aimed at ensuring a healthy life and promoting the well-being of all people at all ages; as part of this SDG, UNE standards constitute an element that helps attain some of the goals established to help achieve the well-being of people.

For example, standard UNE 179002 Health services. Quality management systems for health transport companies, la cual incluye consejos y recomendaciones, desarrollados de manera concreta para las empresas del sector de transporte sanitario. Or the UNE 158000 family of standards for services rendered in residential centres that ensures the well-being of residents; for example, standard UNE 158101 Services that promote personal independence. Management of residential centres and residential centres with an integrated day centre or night centre. Requirements la cual contempla la gestión de los centros incluyendo las instalaciones, la prestación de servicio y la gestión de la calidad, especificando la prestación de servicios mínimos que deben cumplir dichos centros para personas mayores y para personas en situación de dependencia.