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World Metrology Day

World Metrology Day


World Metrology Day is held every 20 May to commemorate the fact that metrology is a key component in the international harmonisation and acceptance of measurements, the advancement of science and the development of a globalised economy.

The International System of Units (the SI) is a significant tool for the scientific community as it contains definitions of measurement units. This year's theme for World Metrology Day is "The International System of Units - Fundamentally better", in recognition of the work behind the review that it is undergoing, the new definitions of which came into force on the same day as World Metrology Day.

The series of ISO and IEC 80000 standards on amounts and units, which are made reference to in the International System of Units, are also under revision in order to align them with the new version, and many of the revised ISO parts will be published in the forthcoming months.

The Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM) is the body responsible in Spain, which together with UNE and ENAC form three significant pillars of the Spanish quality infrastructure. Similarly, the CEM is an honorary member of UNE.