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World Energy Efficiency Day

World Energy Efficiency Day


The World Energy Efficiency Day is held every year on 5 March.

Energy efficiency is considered a source of energy in itself. This analogy is today fully accepted, and energy efficiency has been recognised as a priority area due to the lack of energy resources, the dependence on importing energy and the need to mitigate the climate change.

Different technical standards provide the tools required to reach the energy efficiency goals. Among these, particularly stand out a few that are widely recognised, such as the UNE-EN-ISO 50001 standard that establishes the requirements for an energy management system, the series of UNE-EN 16247 standards that define guidelines for energy audits or the UNE 216701 Standard, which establishes a classification and a categorisation of suppliers of energy services. New initiatives in this field are expected in upcoming months, such as the review of the UNE-EN 16325 Standard on guarantees of origin related to energy or the development of a European standard on energy performance contracts.

In the face of global challenges, such as the lack of sources of energy sources, establishing criteria agreed by all the interested parties helps implement viable, effective and comparable energy efficiency measures.