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World Accreditation Day

World Accreditation Day


In an increasingly globalised world, trade is becoming more and more important as supply chains become more complex. Accreditation is a reliable way for companies to guarantee product quality and authenticity at every step. This is why World Accreditation Day 2019 wants to highlight the importance of this activity in giving companies the confidence they need to have in the supply chain. Accreditation is also an activity where standards play an important role.

Against this backdrop, the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) has published a new document, called "Accredited Services, Guarantee in the Supply Chain", which clearly outlines how to ensure effective control of supplies and suppliers, a crucial process directly affecting business activity in terms of costs, product safety and market credibility.

In turn, ISO international standards play a key role too, not only by indicating how testing methods should be conducted, but also how the authorities involved in conformity assessment and accreditation activities should act.

For example, the UNE-ISO 28000 standard sets out the specifications for a supply chain safety management system at each step in the chain. The Spanish Standardisation Association, UNE, is the authority responsible for developing technical standards in our country.

ENAC has recently granted UNE the status of honorary member. As part of Spain's quality infrastructure, ENAC and UNE are strategic partners, along with the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM), and the three of them form the basis of this infrastructure.

The joint work of these organisations benefits the competitiveness and efficiency of our business sectors enormously, as well as our socio-economic fabric in general. For example, ENAC and UNE have published guidelines for the use of technical standards and accreditation in public procurement, which will be followed by other initiatives designed to take them even further.