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International Internet Day

International Internet Day


The aim of World Internet Day, which is celebrated annually on 17 May, is to raise awareness of the impact of information technologies on the economy and society.

Recently, Paloma García, UNE Director of Standardisation and Stakeholder Groups, took part in the conference "Reducing the gap in standardisation", which was held in Barcelona to commemorate World Telecommunications, Internet and Information Society Day. This meeting addressed the challenges surrounding technology.

In her speech, Paloma García explained how the standardisation system works, emphasising the importance of introducing standards in ITC; among others benefits, this contributes to complying with the sustainable development goals set out by the UN in areas such as health and welfare, education, and the fight against climate change.

Standardisation effectively helps guarantee the success of digital transformation. In total, more than 600 international standards are under review to guarantee that technology functions correctly in aspects such as interoperability, connectivity, cyber security, advanced robotics, and 3D printing.