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International Day of Forests


​21 March is International Day of Forests.

One of the UNE technical standardisation committees is Technical Standardisation Committee (CTN) 162 "Sustainable Forest Management". This CTN focuses on classifying forest types; elaborating appropriate sustainable forest management indicators for the various forest types, in accordance with the six pan-European criteria; defining management units or associations of forest areas for their possible certification and non-regulated educational aspects relating to sustainable forest management, as well as the traceability of forest products.

In this field they have published following purely national standards:

  • UNE 162001:2013 Sustainable forest management. Vocabulary, terminology, and definitions
  • UNE 162002:2013 Sustainable forest management. Criteria and indicators
  • UNE 162003:2001 Sustainable forest management. Qualification criteria for forest auditors
  • UNE 162004:2001 Sustainable forest management. Qualification criteria for certification bodies

Similarly, in recent years the CTN has been actively participating at the international level in developing ISO standard 38200 Chain of custody of wood and wood-based products, responsibility of the ISO/PC 287 through a specific national subcommittee on chains of custody for forest products.