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International Anti-Corruption Day - UNE-ISO 37001


​El 9 de diciembre se conmemora el Día Internacional contra la Corrupción. UNE celebrates International Anti-Corruption Day by reaffirming the contribution of standardisation in the fight against a crime which, according to the UN, prevents the economic and social development of all societies and is one of the greatest impediments to achieving its sustainable development goals (SDG).

With the publication of the Spanish standard UNE-ISO 37001:2017 “Anti-bribery management systems. Requirements with guidance for use”, the market has access to a document detailing best practices to establish an anti-bribery management system that helps organisations to implement their anti-bribery policies and to control the risk of bribery-related crimes occurring within their organisation. The content of the standard is the result of a consensus among the ISO member countries and is compatible with other existing international anti-corruption instruments.

Uno de los principales valores de la norma reside en que puede ser aplicada por cualquier organización. Cada organización deberá aplicar los requisitos del sistema de gestión de forma proporcional a sus características, pero todas deberán partir de un punto común: creating a culture of integrity, honesty and compliance.

As the management system established in UNE-ISO 37001 is assessable, any organisation that manages to implement an effective anti-bribery management system can receive the official recognition of an external independent assessor.