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quantum technologies

A pre-normative group on quantum technologies has been created


The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, has set up a pre-normative group on quantum technologies.

This is the first Spanish standardisation group to deal with quantum technologies in a comprehensive way and with a multisectoral approach to contributing to international standardisation strategies in this area.

The aim of the group is to promote interaction between all national agents interested in possible standardisation in this area.

Its objectives are to map out ongoing standardisation activities; define future needs and opportunities and recommend measures to support standards in the deployment of quantum technologies in industry.

Initially, the group will monitor the different standardisation initiatives that are starting to be developed in international and European standardisation organisations.

The aim is to coordinate and establish a common national position regarding the principles and framework that define this technology in areas such as quantum computing, quantum key distribution or quantum information technology for networks.  

All organisations active in this field that want to be part of the group can contact us by post: or