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Forming the TSC on electric vehicles for urban mobility


On 3 July, the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) set up the new Technical Standards Committee CTN 219 Electric vehicles for urban mobility.

The meeting was very well received, with a large number of participants, who made a great contribution with their knowledge of the sector. This committee is formed of a great diversity of companies ranging from manufacturers to associations to users , companies, consultants and engineers, etc.

AEDIVE, (the Spanish Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the Electric Vehicle Market), a corporate member of UNE, will act as the Secretariat of the committee with the technical and human resources necessary for undertaking this role.

The committee will monitor the European and international standardisation technical committees related to this type of vehicle, such as scooters and electric bicycles (IEC TC 125, ISO TC 149, CEN TC 354 and CEN TC 333), which are already working on the standardisation of safety requirements and testing methods.

Alternative means of transport to the car have traditionally been public transport, motorcycles and mopeds.

However, changes in energy models, restrictions on circulation for environmental reasons and increased public awareness have led to an increase in new mobility models. At UNE, we want to contribute to the development of a new, more sustainable mobility thanks to the work that will be carried out in this committee, giving an effective response to the challenges of organisations.

The committee is still open to including interested entities in its staff, for which you can contact