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Collaboration agreement between the INSST and UNE

Collaboration agreement between the INSST and UNE


​El INSST y UNE han firmado un convenio con el objetivo de actualizar el marco de colaboración y ampliar las materias sobre las que se va a trabajar. The organisations will collaborate in the development of standardisation in matters related to the health and safety of workers and also in training, advertising and international cooperation.

Through the work carried out in several Technical Committees and, specifically, in the Committee CTN 81 "Occupational Health and Safety", this agreement will enable technical standards to contribute further to improvements in the safety and health of workers, thus addressing the complex transformations taking place in technology as well as in the organisational structure of Spanish companies. 

Through this agreement, the two organisations will work together to identify the areas of collaboration necessary to promote standardisation in the civil and defence fields.

The agreement was signed by Francisco Javier Pinilla García, Director of the National Institute of Health and Safety at Work of the INSST, and Javier García, Managing Director of the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE.