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Conference Compliance and Good Tax Practices

Conference Compliance and Good Tax Practices


​On 12 March, in Madrid, theConference Compliance and Good Tax Practiceswill take place, an unmissable date on tax compliance, including participation by UNE. It is an event where hundreds of tax professionals and advisers will get together to share information and update their knowledge of the latest trends in the fiscal world in a practical way: companies responsible for compliance, members of internal legal counsel, tax and fiscal advisors, and lawyers. A meeting designed to complement compliance training, its implications for companies, and to analyse the recently published UNE standard 19602 and Code of Good Practice.

Paloma García, UNE Director of Standardisation and Stakeholder Programmes, will tackle the standardisation of UNE 19602 Tax compliance management systems. Requirements with instructions for use, the standard designed to help organisations avoid and manage tax risks.