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CivilDRON´19 – 26 and 27 February

CivilDRON´19 – 26 and 27 February


​The 5th Congress on the Applications of Drones in Civil Engineering, CIVILDRON'19, will take place on 26 and 27 February at the E.T.S.I. College of Engineers in Madrid.

In the last few years there has been significant growth in the drone sector in Spain and the rest of Europe, with increasing numbers of applications in the civil engineering field, thanks to ongoing technological development of these aircraft.

Despite the aforementioned growth, there is still great potential for technological development in the near future. This is why it is crucial to continue moving forward with the deployment of the prevailing regulations, combining the efficient development of these devices with safety and privacy guarantees, etc. The development of innovative new technologies will facilitate new services, improve company competitiveness, create skilled jobs and, in short, increase the quality of life of the general public.

Through its CTN 28 SC 2 Unmanned Aerial Systems Technical Standardisation Committee, UNE participates in the development of the ISO international standards of the sector. It is also part of the RPAS and AESA Commission and the drawing up of the Standardization Request that the European Commission requests from the CEN on drone standardisation in the Open category. 

To achieve a suitable acceptance and development of the sector in its widest sense, a fundamental factor is the identification and subsequent participation of all agents who can exercise a decisive influence on the preparation of the necessary technical standards that will allow their full integration into the Air Transportation System, the rest of the sectors in general and society as a whole, in as balanced a way as possible.