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ISO campaign on sustainable cities

ISO campaign on sustainable cities


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, wants to join the campaign International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Ciudades sostenibles: 100 days for the World Standards Day, held on 14 October.

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has hit us. However, it has also given us a unique opportunity to unite and address the reconstruction in a more sustainable way, thus emerging stronger from this crisis. And it is here where standards have much to contribute to creating sustainable cities.

Under the hashtag #WorldStandardsDay2020, from now until 14 October, UNE will share in social networks various ISO materials aimed at informing on the outstanding contribution of standards to protecting the planet, supporting the economy, improving the quality of life of people and being more resilient.

Spanish experts are participating in the preparation of international standards aimed at making cities more sustainable, through UNE's Technical Standardization Committees, a Spanish member of ISO.

The following are illustrative examples of these committees: