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Beatriz Novel, recipient of the IEC Thomas A. Edison Award


​The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has recognised the work of Beatriz Novel, chair of the IEC/SC 23E International Standardisation Technical Committee, by awarding her the Thomas A. Edison Award. The award recognises her services and contributions to the effective management of technical committees and evaluation systems.

This is the first time that a Spanish expert has received this award, which highlights not only Beatriz Novel's magnificent work, but also the important role that Spain is acquiring in European and international standardisation.

In the words of Javier García, UNE's general manager, "We at UNE would like to congratulate Beatriz Novel for her admirable work as chair of the IEC/SC 23E Technical Committee, which is promoting several safety standards for household circuit breakers. This work is of great value to both the market and society."

Beatriz Novel, who also holds the position of Deputy Technical Director of AFME, received the award this morning during the IEC General Assembly in San Francisco (USA).