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Power sockets-outlets in hotels

Power sockets-outlets in hotels


Spanish hotels are installing power sockets-outlets whose dimensions do not comply with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation REBT, according to reports from the Electrical Materials Manufacturers' Association (AFME). To counteract this situation, AFME has launched an awareness campaign that has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Spanish Federation of Control Agencies FEDAOC. For this purpose, it has prepared a brochure that details the current dimensions for power sockets-outlets allowed in Spain, which must comply with the set of standards UNE 20315, and warns that power sockets-outlets from other countries as well as those with overlapping dimensions cannot be installed in Spain Download the document here. Using sockets-outlets with dimensions other than those allowed by the REBT can cause overheating, which may cause a fire and poses a risk of electrocution due to the fact that the grounding and the protections against electric shock are not maintained.