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Firm steps

Taking Firm steps forward


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has launched its Firm Steps communication campaign with the aim of highlighting the benefits of technical standards for the economic, business and consumer sectors.

Firm steps aims to show how companies and Administrations use standards to achieve their goals; it symbolizes the values of UNE standardization: knowledge, internationalisation, trust, security, innovation, legal matters, etc. There is always a UNE Standard that will guide companies with Firm steps, to successfully overcome their challenges.

The campaign focuses on four key sectors of the economy (government agencies, electricity, construction and the digital and ICT sector), which exemplify the advantages of standards.

Firm steps will have a wide selection of content (videos, posts, infographics and podcasts). These will be disseminated through UNE channels (web, social networks such as YouTube or LinkedIn and its magazine), as well as specialized media, in order to report the benefits of the standards.