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ASEFAPI presents its new image


The The Spanish Association of Paint and Printing Ink Manufacturers (ASEFAPI) presented its new Corporate Identity at its last Annual General Meeting, which was held virtually.

This new brand image forms part of the Association's communication strategy, which seeks to give visibility to the values and objectives of the Paint and Printing Ink sector. The logo is the protagonist of a modified typography, inspired by the world of the paint and printing industry.

Since 1977, the image has been very focused on a territorial identification. The new logo refers to an association open to the world and the diversity of its core business values, including support for its partners, trust, experience, professionalism, rigour, proximity, current affairs and commitment to the sector.

ASEFAPI has been a member of Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE and forms part of its Governing Board, actively participating in the preparation of key standards for the quality and competitiveness of organisations in the sector.