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CEN and CENELEC General Meetings


CEN and CENELEC celebrated their General Meetings on 21 June in Bled, Slovenia. The Managing Director of UNE, Javier García, was in attendance. Both organisations have approved their strategy for the coming years Ambitions 2020 focused on ensuring the relevance of standards at the international and European levels, the digitisation of standards and processes for their development, the intense collaboration with research activities, and the continuous improvement of a system that ensures the development of quality standards. To achieve these goals, CEN, CENELEC and their members are committed to maintaining a network of excellence that users, standards developers, authorities, and society can rely on to meet their needs. Turnout at the General Meeting was the largest so far, mainly due to the presence of non-European standardisation bodies with which CEN and CENELEC maintain collaboration agreements. This reinforced the objective of both organisations with regard to coordination with the different regions around the world.

The importance of the action plan was significant for its citation of European standards through which CEN, CENELEC and the EC seek to guarantee the citation of the candidate projects and harmonised standards. This is already giving its first results based on trust between the parties.

As part of the meeting, there was a workshop on Standardisation and Innovation where members and relevant actors in European and international standardisation, from industry representatives, authorities, social agents, standardisation organisations, and European research communities, discussed future opportunities and actions for bringing these activities even closer together. Mechanisms already under way in standardisation organisations were analysed, as were the expectations of technological and research organisations involved in standardisation and the position of the regulators, so that innovation projects consider standardisation as part of their development. CEN and CENELEC presented their Innovation Plan for the future Horizon Europe Framework Programme, presenting specific actions for making the collaboration more effective through flexible procedures that incorporate research results into European standardisation.