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ISO General Assembly in South Africa

ISO General Assembly


The central focus was the development of the ISO strategy for the coming years, which will be based on three pillars: strengthening the global economy, developing technology and digital transformation and promoting global sustainability. ISO continues to be the global platform that capitalizes on opportunities and provides solutions to the world through standards. Standards play a key role in the implementation of trade agreements and the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, and help organizations to attain these. The 2019 ISO General Assembly was held under the slogan "On the path to 2030."

The ISO/DEVCO committee meeting has also taken place; this group is responsible for promoting the participation of developing countries in ISO standardization, taking into account the challenges facing these countries in the global arena.

Within the framework of the ISO General Assembly, the first meeting of the UN group was held to consider gender perspective in the development of standards, with a view to promoting principles of inclusion and equality.

Spanish-speaking country representatives met in the ISO/TMB/STMG group, led by UNE; this working group is responsible for drawing up the single Spanish version of the most relevant ISO standards.

UNE has held bilateral meetings with Japan, South Africa, India, Morocco, Russia and South Korea to strengthen relations with their counterparts, establish the foundations for future collaborations and create channels for direct dialogue with the relevant players in terms of quality infrastructure in the target markets of Spanish exports.