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CEN and CENELEC General Meeting

CEN and CENELEC General Meeting


Under the slogan Standards build trust, CEN and CENELEC reaffirm at their General Assemblies the relevance of standards as a key factor for the EU Single Market and to increase the competitiveness of European companies.

Similarly, the Director General of the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, Javier García, has been re-elected as Technical Vice-President of CENELEC.

UNE, the Spanish standardisation body, is the voice for experts from organisations in our country at European and international forums at which key standards for their competitiveness are discussed.

During the main session dedicated to cybersecurity, an expert panel discussed the urgency of addressing the development of standards that allow the implementation of effective measures in digital environments. Standardisation will promote transparency and help build trust in cyberspace. Flexible standards are required that can be applied to different needs and that are constantly being updated in accordance with the rapid development of this field.

On 7 June, the closing ceremony of the European Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS) was held. The initiative has led to a dialogue among all parties involved in the development of standards that respond to market needs and support the deployment of the EU's policies. Worthy of note within the framework of JIS are the advancements made in the area of services, innovation and the development of the Guide for referencing standards in public procurement in Europe.