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Supporting international trade

Supporting international trade


​Within the framework of the IEC Assembly, recently held in Korea, UNE has signed an agreement with the National Quality Institute of Peru (INACAL); this action is framed within UNE's programme to sign agreements with Latin American countries in order to boost the harmonisation of standards and technical cooperation. This will pave the way for access to markets and trade agreements.

European standardisation regulation 1025/2012 establishes that standardisation plays an increasingly significant role in international trade and market access and recommends the promotion of bilateral agreements in order to facilitate commercial exchanges between countries.

To date, UNE has signed agreements with many Latin American standardisation organisations, such as the Argentine Institute for Standardisation and Certification (IRAM); the Bolivian Institute of Standards and Quality (IBNORCA); the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT); the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC); the Costa Rica Institute of Technical Standards (INTECO); the National Standardisation Office of Cuba (NC); the Ecuadorian Standardisation Service (INEN); the Salvadoran Standardisation Organisation (OSN); the Mercosur Association for Standardisation (AMN); the Directorate General of Standards (DGN); the Dominican Institute for Quality (INDOCAL); and the Uruguayan Institute of Technical Standards (UNIT).

Agreements of this type acknowledge the importance of standards in technology transfer, as well as in the promotion of safe, quality and environmentally friendly commercial exchanges of products and services. They also recognise the advantages of cooperation in the exchange of standards and the importance of aligning national technical standards and regulations with international standards.

Pictured: Javier García, Director General of UNE, alongside Rosario Uría, Director of Standardisation at INACAL.