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Anfalum on the LightingEurope Board

Anfalum on the LightingEurope Board


Alfredo Berges, General Director of the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ANFALUM) has been re-elected as a member of the Lighting Europe Board. Anfalum is a founding member of LightingEurope, an association that promotes lighting sector policy and which works on four fundamental concepts: LEDification, intelligent lighting systems and connectivity, human centric lighting, and the circular economy.

For years, Anfalum has been working with LightingEurope and its other European members, on the one hand, vis-à-vis European institutions: the Parliament, Council, and Commission; and on the other, before national authorities, in this case Spanish, as well as related agents that promote good practice in lighting and roadmap manufacturing. 

Anfalum has been a member of UNE since 1991, and is represented in 12 standardisation working bodies related to lighting, the energy efficiency of buildings, lamps and smart cities.