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Anefhop and FdA, against illegal construction products

Anefhop and FdA, against illegal construction products


The National Association of Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturers (ANEFHOP) and the Federación de Áridos (FdA) have presented their annual campaign against illegal construction facilities and products. The campaign encourages construction promoters and owners to choose legal construction products and industrial installations "to reduce unfair competition and eliminate installation plants that do not have the appropriate permits and those that do not comply with the legal requirements currently in force, "explained Carlos Peraita, CEO of ANEFHOP.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to use "construction products that comply with the legal applicable requirements and that are supplied from legal industrial facilities," said César Luaces, Chairman of the FdA. Similarly, it aims to persuade property buyers or developers to require their builders, contractors or developers to use materials that can demonstrate legal compliance through the mandatory documentation.

Anefhop and FdA are members of the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, and participate actively in the development of key standards for the quality and competitiveness of organisations in the sector.

UNE standards promote legality

UNE standards promote the legality, safety and quality of processes, systems, services and products linked to construction. In its communication campaign, Firm steps it points out that more than 5,500 UNE standards are related to the construction sector, which represents 17% of the overall catalogue of Spanish standards.

The construction sector is one of those most familiar with the benefits of technical standards. More than 2,000 UNE standards are cited in construction legislation, enabling both Public Administrations to deploy public policies and draft specifications, and companies to comply with legal requirements. In fact, standards are recognised by the Administrations and the market as a means of demonstrating compliance with legal obligations.

With Firm steps UNE aims to highlight the benefits of technical standards for the economic, business and consumer sectors.