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Sound insulation in buildings

Sound insulation in buildings


​La serie de normas UNE-EN ISO 16283 describe los procedimientos para realizar las mediciones in situ del aislamiento acústico en los edificios al ruido aéreo, de impactos y de fachadas.La parte 2 Acústica. In situ measurements of sound insulation in buildings and construction elements. Part 2: Impact noise insulation, recently published, focuses on impact noise insulation, via acoustic pressure measurements produced by an impact source (an impact machine and a rubber ball) acting on a floor or the stairs of a building. 

The tests, which apply to enclosures with volumes between 10 m3 and 250 m3 in the 50Hz to 5000Hz frequency range, can be used to quantify, evaluate, and compare sound insulation in furnished or empty premises, where the sound field can be approximated to a diffuse field.

This standard substitutes the 2016 version and adopts the corresponding European standard (identical to the international standard) under the responsibility of Subcommittee 2 "Sound in buildings" of the standardisation committee CTN 74 "Sound".