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AIDIMME joins the fight against COVID-19


AIDIMME (Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technological Institute) and CETEM (Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood) collaborated in the study "Challenges and solutions of furniture, its materials, and spaces, in the fight against Covid-19", published by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The aim of this initiative is to show the willingness and capacity of the entire furniture sector to help fight the pandemic. The document continues the study Eight keys to reopening your business with more peace of mind, published in May.

The study underlines the importance that UNE standards relating to furniture have in this context, as their adoption by companies, architects, decorators and designers contribute to providing security and quality in the equipping of public spaces and furniture, thus contributing to the confidence of the user and the consumer.

AIDIMME is a member of UNE and actively participates in the drafting of standards.