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Spain participates in CEN and CENELEC general meetings and is elected a member of their Boards of Directors


CEN and CENELEC held their General Meetings on 23 June in Prague. These meetings provided an opportunity for the communities of both organizations to reunite and to analyse and debate relevant topics, including the development of the CEN and CENELEC 2030 Strategy, which will provide support for the implementation of the European standardization strategy. La implementación de la Estrategia 2030 llega en un momento clave para la normalización europea, no solo por la publicación e implementación de la citada Estrategia, sino también por la importancia de mantener un equilibrio entre el desarrollo de normas que recojan la evolución tecnológica, faciliten el acceso a los mercados globales y al mismo tiempo sirvan como herramienta para el despliegue de las políticas europeas, principalmente, las Transiciones Verde y Digital, manteniendo los principios del Mercado Interior, basadas en el Nuevo Marco Legal. The presence of the new Chief Officer for Standardization, Maive Rute, provided support and reinforcement to the good public-private relationship between the European Commission and CEN and CENELEC, which will allow the important challenges for the future to be effectively addressed.

During the CENELEC General Assembly, Mr Oscar Querol León, AFME Technical Director, was elected as a member of the CENELEC Board of Directors for the period 2023-2024. As part of his responsibilities, Mr Querol will convey the strategic priorities of the Spanish electrotechnical sector to this European governing body, and will collaborate in achieving the objectives of CENELEC's 2030 Strategy. Mr Querol is committed to pushing for the development of standards in digital environments that address the needs of markets, while continuing to collaborate with the IEC. As the Spanish member of the SMB Technical Board, he will be able to seek global solutions and standards in emerging and priority areas for European and national interests.

Also at the CEN General Assembly, Mr Javier García, the UNE's General Director, was elected to the CEN Board of Directors through the end of 2024. He will work to achieve the goals of the CEN's 2030 Strategy, most notably the digitization of standardization with the help of ISO.

The international organizations ISO and IEC accompanied their European counterparts with the presence of the ISO President and its General Secretary and, in the case of IEC, with its President-elect and General Secretary, underscoring the commitment of European members to the development and adoption of international standards.