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Cooperation agreement DGPN AND UNE


The main goal of this agreement is for the DGPN and UNE to collaborate in carrying out a series of activities to improve the drafting of expert reports and appraisals, and to improve expert and forensic services and processes. For these areas, UNE has a working body that drafts the regulatory documents: Technical Standardisation Committee 197 “Expert reports”, whose Secretariat heads up the General Police Directorate / General Office of Forensic Police (DGPN).

Technical Standardisation Committee 197 “Expert reports” monitors the international body ISO/TC 272 “Forensic Sciences”, which has drafted three standards: ISO 18385:2016, ISO 21043-1:2018 and ISO 21043-2:2018.

Through the development of technical standards, UNE contributes to improving the quality and competitiveness of companies and their products and services, thus generating one of the most highly-valued assets of today's economy: trust.

In the photograph, Javier García, UNE's Managing Director, together with Pedro Melida Lledó, General Commissioner of Forensic Police.