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Current issues in the construction sector


The meeting Current issues in the construction sector, celebrated recently in the Spanish Association for Standardisation, included various issues related to new features of standardisation in construction.

Among other matters, the meeting dealt with the hot topic of Building Information Modelling (BIM), with the participation of Jorge Torrico, from INECO and secretary of the BIM Commission, who explained how implementation of this method has advanced in Spain. In addition, Óscar Nieto, from Construction Products Europe, demonstrated the Smart EC format, defined in CEN document CWA 17316, which promtes the use of the electronic Declaration of Performance for construction products covered under the Construction Products Regulation​​ (CPR). Alejandro López, from ANDECE, analysed the perspective and experience of pre-fabricated concrete products in BIM, which has led to an important opportunity for the sector.

Also during the meeting, the action developed by CEN and CENELEC was presented, to which UNE contributes as a member, for improving, in dialogue with the European Commission, the process of citing standards in the OJEU, including the new function of HAS consultants. Progress in Action 5 of the JIS 5, dedicated to the implementing the CPR, was also discussed.

The event culminated with an exhibition of UNE's contribution to innovation, leading the insertion of standardisation into the core of European R&D+i projects.