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The Spanish Association of Brick and Clay Tile Manufacturers (HISPALYT) has recently celebrated its 50 years of activity with an event attended by various representatives of the sector, predominantly from architecture and construction.

The adjustment of the structural ceramic sector to standards and current market trends, energy efficiency, and digitisation were all evident at the event, demonstrating the close relationship between cutting-edge architecture and ceramics.

Hispalyt has been a UNE member for 30 years; being secretary of the committee "Fired clay ceramics products for construction"; in addition to participating as a member of the following UNE committees: construction; building; slippage; pre-fabricated cement and concrete products; structural Eurocodes; evaluation of hazardous substance emissions from construction products; sustainability in construction, and materials.

The event was attended by Francisco Javier Martín Ramiro, Managing Director of Architecture, Properties, and Land, and Galo Gutiérrez Monzonís, Managing Director of Industry and SMEs, who pronounced their support for Hispalyt.

Paloma García, UNE Director of Standardisation and Stakeholder Groups, presented a commemorative plaque to Francisco José Morant Vicedo, Chairman of Hispalyt, in recognition of the association's commitment to standardisation.