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Did you know that 300 UNE standards help towards achieving SDG 12?


If the world's population were to reach 9,600 million by 2050, the equivalent of nearly three planet Earths would be needed to provide the natural resources needed to maintain the current lifestyle. The Sustainable Development Goal 12 seeks responsible production and consumption, promoting the efficient use of resources.

In this framework, more than 300 UNE standards help to comply with SDG 12. In addition, the Spanish Association for Standardization has launched Circular Economy actions such as CTN 323 or its Advisory Committee.

Environmental Management

Among the standards that help to achieve the SDG 12 those related to the preservation of the environment stand out. For the application of effective environmental management systems, it is based on the reference of concepts and practices regarding sustainable purchasing, contained in the Standard UNE-ISO 20400 Compras sostenibles. Directrices. This is also supported by standards such as the UNE-EN ISO 14045 Gestión ambiental. Evaluación de la ecoeficiencia del sistema del producto. Principios, requisitos y directrices.

Circular Economy

Worthy of note is the new Circular Economy model in the achievement of the SDG 12. The Circular Economy seeks to maintain the value of the resources invested in products and services as long as possible, by reintroducing them into the production processes at the end of their useful life instead of discarding them.

Standards are supporting this new model, establishing a common understanding of principles, strategies and practices in this field. To this end, UNE has created the CTN 323 –formed of 140 experts and 80 organisations from all the parties involved– the way for exerting direct influence to ensure Spanish organisations are heard by the global and European forums where the standards that enable them to compete are created.

In parallel, UNE has formed the Circular Economy Advisory Committee, a multisector and transverse working group for dialogue between members of the UNE and the Public Administrations. It comprises 45 experts, including a number of important national Spanish sectoral associations, various Ministries and other key actors.