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250 UNE standards facilitate SDG 10


Inequalities contribute to the exclusion of people for various reasons, such as gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, ideology, ethnic origin or purchasing level.

The tenth Sustainable Development Goal aims to reduce inequality both at local and international level, improving relations between countries and people. This would result in a substantial advance in the quality of life of the population and the socio-economic and sustainable development of countries.

Standards are strategic allies to help organisations achieve the 17 SDGs, as they provide best practices, knowledge and collaboration that this global challenge requires.

Nearly 250 standards UNE help organisations to achieve this SDG; Illustrative examples are those developed by the Technical Standardisation Committee CTN 170 on Universal Accessibility, under the impetus of the ONCE Foundation and the Real Patronato sobre Discapacidad (Royal Board on Disability).

Among them, the Standard UNE 170001-1 Accesibilidad universal. Parte 1: Criterios DALCO para facilitar la accesibilidad del entorno and the UNE 170001-2 Accesibilidad universal. Parte 2: Sistema de gestión de la accesibilidad and the Standard UNE 178105 Universal Accessibility in Smart Cities, that they lay the foundations for initiating the process of change described above.

In addition, the ISO 21902 on accessible tourism is to be published in the first quarter of 2020. Led by Fundación ONCE, OMT and UNE, it will be the first international standard in this field.