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UNE and the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures promote the quality of telecommunications


  • Spain ranks third in the European Union in connectivity, according to the DESI Report.
  • The move towards hybrid, in-person and remote work models requires an investment in telecommunications networks in Spanish homes.
  • The seminar, held today, 5 April, presented an update in key standards for the development of high quality, efficient and sustainable telecommunications infrastructures, this way contributing to promoting digital transformation in Spain. 

Madrid, 5 April 2022 - Spain ranks third in the Connectivity indicator of the European Union's 2021 Economy and Digital Society index, according to the DESI Report, only behind Denmark and the Netherlands. The report also states that 92% of households are installed with high capacity fixed network coverage, despite the fact that there is still a disparity between urban and rural areas. However, rural areas have seen an increase of 12% in a year, which is a significant detail in reducing the digital divide.

Connectivity, which before the pandemic was primarily intended for leisure in domestic environments, has become a necessity for many professionals working from home. As not all households have a broadband internet connection, the development of quality telecommunication infrastructures is now seen as essential, in order to guarantee adequate broadband internet connections for citizens and also to promote digital transformation.

This is one of the conclusions of the seminar New Standards for Telecommunications Infrastructures, organised by the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, and the State Secretariat for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures (SETELECO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (MINECO). The update of the series of UNE 133100 standards on Infrastructures for telecommunications networks was presented, with the incorporation of new more efficient and sustainable solutions.

The update contemplated the precautions and conditions for installing underground conduits, as well as materials and site checks, the types of control boxes and chambers to channel telecommunications materials, according to the dimensions and materials involved, the guidelines for executing installations in interurban sections, the establishment of aerial lines defining post resistance, support cables and precautions in construction processes, and installations on façades. taking into account the protection channels, vertical laying, ring circuits and aerial connectors.

New lines of action were also presented, particularly those relating to the standardisation of the installation and deployment of wireless access points for small areas (Small Cells) and in housing developments.

The event was attended by Arturo Azcorra, General Director of Telecommunications and Legislation of the Audiovisual Communication Services at SETELECO and Javier Garcia, General Manager of UNE, who opened the event.

Also participating were Pedro Alonso and José Antonio Rodríguez from SETELECO; Adrián Nogales and Agustín Rodrigo, from COIT; Pilar Carmona, from AOTEC; Miguel Angel García, from FENITEL and Paloma García, from UNE.

UNE contributes to accelerating the digital transformation process of Spanish companies with the development of standards in areas such as telecommunications infrastructures, cybersecurity, digital enabling technologies, talent and digital health, in support of the Agenda España Digital 2025. Standards establish a common language that increases business competitiveness and the safety of products and services.